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Wesaturate is a platform where you can share and download free RAW and JPG photos. Like many other websites on the internet, Wesaturate intents on allowing users to download free images. What separates their service from the rest is the ability to download RAW files so you, as a user, can practice editing.

It will be a great way to hone your RAW editing chops!

The idea behind their creators, is that sometimes we don't have the time or the will to go out and shoot some RAW photos, but we still need to keep up with getting better at editing.

Of course, the images keep their copyrights, but they are free to use and download.

Here you can find the first image that you can download once you add your email address to their mailing list.

This is one interpretation of the RAW file using Macphun's Luminar.

Currently in its first stages, you can visit the page to get an invite.

Wesaturate - Free JPG and RAW images for you to practice.