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The Search for Creativity

"Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it's not random."—Ken Robinson

When we are kids, one of the first tools we get are crayons, color pencils, water colors and a piece of paper. It is  what we are given to express ourselves and show the rest of the world how we see the world.

Initially, the drawings represent ourselves, our parents, our favorite pets and the neighborhood tree or our house.

As our universe expands, we start to create worlds the include robots, spaceships, aliens and weapons!!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to stay an artist once we grow up."—Pablo Picasso

In essence, we tend to communicate through Art and not words. We don't have the dominion of the written word and we represent our imagination by drawing on paper.

Somewhere along the line, we are told that we are doing it wrong and that to be understood, we have to abandon our creative ways and conform to the way the rest of the world is communicating. Using words...

We hear our parents remind us: "Use your words!"...

Usually,  and later in life, we long for that creative vein. We find ourselves saying stuff like: "I wish I could draw/sketch/design/paint". What happened? We used to be good at it...

And it turns out that EVERYBODY is born with creative qualities.

When was the last time you solved a problem? You know, the ones you initially though, "There is no way I can fix this". But then after some thinking (lets call it Creative Thinking) you came up with a solution!!

And the thing is, that Creativity is not something that we have as a limb.

Creativity is a process. Is that part of the lizard brain that comes into place when faced with a challenge. It's something we need to massage into form and then use it as a tool. No different from a hammer or a pen.

Is the search for value that incites Creativity.

Oftentimes we fall into Creative ruts and we think we'd lost our creativity. "Oh, Dear, I'll never find it again!"—we seem to think.

Is the search for value that incites Creativity.

In those occasions, the best approach is to change course. In other words find something completely different that what we are accustomed to doing. if you take pictures, try drawing or sketching, maybe writing poetry or perhaps reading. Music is another option.

Guess what? Finding that new thing is part of the process of Creative Thinking!

The important aspect if to learn from the process. Not see it as an insurmountable challenge but as a learning experience. Maybe we'll find a new thing that we are good at and open some new and unexplored horizons.

A quick change in the tail winds might be the change we need to activate the gray cells of Creativity.

What tricks do you use to stay creative?