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The Eyes of Truth are Always Watching You

The Eyes of truth are always watching you I meant to post this one a few days ago.

It's a piece of generative art done on the iPad/iPhone based on an image taken by the Hubble Space telescope.

How incredibly fun have these devices become!!

I am always amazed at how we can create something from nothing, or close to nothing; just by manipulating pixels in the small screens of the phones and tablets.

I was reading a quote from a photographer in the No. 7 Edition of Adore Noir, an online magazine about art and black and white photography (you should check it out and buy it, it's great).

The photographer, Hanna Kozak (beware, some of the pictures are NSFW), said:

"A painter can create magic from nothing. A photographer creates something magical from what already exists. Perhaps that's why we've fought so hard for photography to be considered an art."

And I agree completely. With devices like phones and digital cameras, the world is our canvas. No subject is out of reach to capture and use it as our source to create art and visuals.

The incredible amount of applications that exist both on the iOS platform and the Android platform puts creativity within everybody's reach.

We see a texture on the side of a tree? Captured!, We see interesting colors on a bed of flowers? Captured!!

The virtual oyster has been opened for all of us.

And you can say: "This is not photography" and you might be right, is not, but it's art through photography!

The democratization of photography by way of our smartphones has given us the power to freely create, collage, blend, destroy and otherwise sublimate art into being.

Imagination knows no bounds...

The title of the piece comes from a song by Enigma of the same name.