The Clubhouse

In 1968 my parents decided to buy a house.

It was a new construction and I remember that the neighborhood ended at the house next door.

La Agustina, how it was come to know, was a humble neighborhood on the outskirts of a city that was rapidly expanding.

All the houses were built rather quickly and I have some memories of me running into some of them before they were finished.

The houses were built on this empty lot that was the top of the hill in that area. It was right in front of our house, surrounded by the houses across the street. Not sure why it was never developed, but I think it had something to do with it being a big giant rock!

I used to go up there when I had nothing better to do. Some kids from the neighborhood started playing baseball there.

Life Experiences

I also remember that my first life lesson happened there.

My parents had bought me a kite. It was a beautiful yellow kite and flying that thing was a great experience. I could not fly it enough!

My father told me, not to fly it right after noon. I think he said something about the winds been too strong around that time of the day. I though I knew better...

I waited until the took their Siesta and snuck out to fly my beautiful yellow kite.

I took it to the lot and started to fly it. It was a lot easier to get it in the air as the wind was stronger than in the morning. Dad was a little right...

In reality, he was absolutely right.

After a few minutes in the air, the wind was starting to pull the kite with a strength that was too much for my short stature. Soon after, the string snapped!!!

I ran so hard and far keeping my eye on where it was going to fall and hopping it wasn't going to fall on someone's backyard, out of reach of me.

In the end, I was able to recover it, but it was all banged up and never flew right again. Lesson learned!

The Clubhouse

The lot was up high and we had a clear view of some of the new constructions. So I and the other kids spent a lot of time there.

As I always been a little creative, I decided to build a clubhouse where we could get together and play some games.

The other kids and I started to dig a hole on the ground (there were no trees there) and created a space around 10' x 6' that we covered with pieces of wood and cardboard that we scrounge up from the constructions.

We covered the bare floor with cardboard and newspapers and it even had a couple of windows. We brought some toys and comic books and we dubbed the place; Our Clubhouse.

Don't remember exactly what happened, but there was contention amongst the members and soon after it was dismantled.

A few years later, the neighborhood got together and built a proper clubhouse that was come to be known as Club Deportivo y Cultural La Agustina.

I had a clubhouse there before there was a clubhouse...