Little Thai Kitchen and Finding Inspiration

Behind the arch of glory sets the day;The river lies in curves of silver light, The fields Elysian glitter in a spray Of golden dust; the gilded dome is bright,….

—Willa Cather

Well, here it comes!! I promised myself that I was going to start posting more to the blog, so let us call this one my first salvo.

The truth is, that with everything that is happening in the world is hard to feel inspired. One tends to worry about where we are going and if the ending is actually coming faster than we think.

I have not taken too many pictures. I am in what we photographers and artist call "Been stuck in a rut”.

I was watching this video by the photographer Ed Verosky on Finding Inspiration and he is absolutely right...

The minute I went to look at other people’s photos/work I felt motivated to go out and produce some images.


This one, right outside my house on a cold winter afternoon on our way to having some lunch with the family and my son’s girlfriend.

The poem on the beginning (which I thought was appropriate) is called Paris by Willa Cather.


Little Thai Kitchen

We had planned to go to this Thai restaurant in the city of Darien called **Little Thai Kitchen**.

We had visited the place before, but we wanted to take my son’s girlfriend out to a nice place.

We took advantage of the holiday (it was Martin Luther King Day yesterday) and decided to go down to Darien around 1:00 PM.

It was a cold day (temperature was around 28ºF/ -2º C) and cloudy, but the drive was very pleasant. A little bit of traffic with people coming back from the long weekend, but nothing too bad.

We got to the restaurant and there were a couple of occupied tables but we got to sit right away. The place is indeed a “Little Thai Kitchen” and by the time we sat down the tables were all full. I guess other people had the same idea as us. :-)

I ordered one of the best Thai Ice Teas I have ever had and Carlos, my son, decided to copy me.

Little Thai Kitchen

The restaurant has a Lunch Special where for $10 you get an appetizer and an entrée. I decided to get the Minced Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Drunken Noodles with Shrimp as my entrée.

Little Thai Kitchen

The food was absolutely fabulous as always. The lettuce wraps were very delectable and the drunken noodles were very fulfilling. My wife ordered the Chicken Pad Thai and she could not finish it.

These are not your ordinary lunch specials where you get a smaller plate. These are very delicious stomach filling plates!!

All five of us (my oldest could not come as he was working) ate for around $60. A real bargain!

I fully recommend the **Little Thai Kitchen** in Darien CT.

So I bought a Drone...

No, not the DJI or the GoPro... :-) It is what is called a "Selfie Drone", a mini-drone; or how I like to call it a Training Drone.


I have been wanting to do some "Droning" for a while now.

I usually watch videos on youTube from photographers around the world and some of those guys are using drones to film B-Roll and add to the video experience.

Is fascinating seeing the world from high above.

Anyways, I have been watching some videos online on the whole process of flying a drone and which one to purchase and so on.

A lot of those videos, suggest, that you should always start with a smaller drone to get the handle on how to fly them. After you master that smaller drone, you can graduate to a better and more complex drone.

I can tell you, is not easy!

The guys online make it look like it's really easy and that anyone can do it. I don't doubt that with practice, I'll get better, but it is kind of harrowing when you see that drone flying away and you see the possibility of loosing it.

Because this is a mini-drone, my first trial were inside the house and they were pretty unsuccessful. Crashing and hitting walls was more likely!

I took it outside thinking that I might get a better handle on it but it was a lot scarier!

I flew for about 2 minutes around our condos and for a minute it look like it was going to get stuck on one of the roofs or a tree. If finally hit a branch and came crashing down.

Did I mention that this drone is more of a toy, than an actual Drone?


The one I purchased was the JJRC H37 ELFIE (US$50), a mini-quadcopter that uses WiFI to connect to your smartphone in order to control it.

I was so nervous but I was able to manage to hit the shutter a couple of times to get some photos.

It only has a 0.3MP camera that also do 480 video. In other words not photography worthy!

In reality, I did not buy this to get award-winning photos/videos. I bought it so I can learn how to fly drones.

The experience has NOT been stellar.

Did the drone survive the crash? I can tell you, it's pretty resilient!

I am planning to go to a close-by park to do some more training as soon as the weather starts to get better, so I will keep you posted.