Journey to the Center of The Earth

Journey to the Center of The Earth [junkie-dropcap]I[/junkie-dropcap] was creating this piece and I could not help but think of Sir Oliver Lindenbrook (excellently played by the late James Mason) upon discovering the quartz cavern in the original version of the movie "Journey to the Center of The Earth (1959)".

We are but a measure of our mental baggage. I remember reading Jules Verne novels as I was growing up and I was filled with a sense of adventure. Wanting to travel the world and visit exotic places.

I think those are the beginnings of my mental travels and the reason today I long for wanderlust.

Wanderlusta strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

As I approach my golden years, I am again longing to travel. Be it mentally or physically, but I want to see the world before it ends...

The way things are going there isn't too much time left, for me or the world. Better get on it!!

If you have not seen the 1959 version of the movie, I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and go find it somewhere. A real classic!

Le Flare

I am a big fan of the Alien movies.

I went to see the original Alien movie in theaters, back in 79' with my best friend Carlos.

The movie had such an impression on me that I got completely hooked and watched each and every one of the sequels from then on. (Yes, even Alien vs. Predator)

When they came out with the set of DVDs compendium, I immediately bought them. It is what is known as the Alien Quadrilogy.

When I got rid of all my DVDs, I kept the Quadrilogy (and the Star Wars DVDs, of course).

It is my guilty pleasure...

It is such an addiction that I have seen the movies multiple times. Every time they come out on TV, I watch them. It's safe to say that I am an avid Alien follower.

When they decide to revive the series with Prometheus, I was a little skeptical.

I and my boys went to see it in IMAX and I was not disappointed.

I though they took it in a good direction and expected to have a good follow-up that was going tie in with the originals.

That is until I saw Alien Covenant last Thursday.

My hopes were crushed by Ridley Scott...

I am the kind of person that does not like to spoil pictures for other people, so I won't say much about it. Suffice it to say, I did not like the movie.

I left the theater completely disappointed and with very little interest in watching the following sequels. It was a ridiculous story.

While I waited for my son to pick me up, I snapped this photo of a medical building near the theater. I've always liked the lighting and though about taking a picture using the RAW camera from Lightroom Mobile.

At least the night ended with a good shot...

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Last night me and the boys went to see the sequel "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2".

We went to the 10:40 PM showing as Carlos had to work late and we could not make the earlier showing.

What an awesome fun movie. Great formula!! The movie is full of laughs and great action.

Don't believe the critics that have dismissed the movie saying that it does not live up to the first one. It's a great movie on its own.

My father always said that there should be to ratings for the movies: Artistic Value and Entertainment Value. In the case of this movie the entertainment value is a pure 'Thumbs Way Up" or a 10. Whatever you want to assign it.

You go to see this movie to be entertained. To forget about your day, to disconnect with reality and for a couple of hours; forget the world outside the movie theater and its problems.

If you are a comic book fan or a Marvel fan (and even if you are not) you are definitely going to love this movie.

Now we just have to get over the hangover from the experience!! We came back from the movie at 1:30 AM and slept a total of 3 ½ hours.

I made an Apple Music Playlist with the Awesome Mix Tape 2 songs.