By any other name…

I was testing the moment lenses and what better way to test, than a macro shot of a rose.

As always, there is a very shallow depth of field that comes with macro shots and you have to choose what you want in focus.

I love the intricate folds of the rose, but they are usually a difficult subject to photograph.

Orchids on the other hand are way easier!

These are some beautiful roses but my wife bought to bring to her school.

I have always been in love with flowers and is one of my favorite subjects. Like landscapes they never complain and they're always there waiting for us to take pictures.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose and by any other name would smell as sweet"

Moment lenses are the best lenses I have found for the iPhone. They are way better than the Olloclip lenses. They have very little distortion and they have even been profile inside Lightroom.

By the way not to brag, but this article was entirely written using the dictation capabilities of the iPad and the AirPods. It has some issues with my accent, but otherwise it was very easy to dictate all these words into the WordPress app on the iPad.