Family Visit

We had a very lovely Sunday gathering; with family visiting from White Plains. My brother-in-law invited everybody over to his house for some food and drinks

It was a very hot and humid day and we were all gathered in the backyard enjoying some nice cold beers, burgers and waiting for a delicious slow-cooked chickens that my brother-in-law was preparing on his smoker.

I took the Fujifilm X100F to dust the cogwebs, and I can tell you...

I need to get back on the saddle with my photography, These are obviously snapshots but I think the are mostly mediocre pictures, I guess I was having too much fun and forgot to work on taking the pictures.

Forgot to check my focus points, forgot to check my aperture, heck I forgot to check everything!! 

Too many beers perhaps... ;-)

It was also my first time using the built-in ND filter of the X100F and over all, I think it works fine for situations like this one. Mid-day at full sun.

Boy oh Boy! Where did my photography eye go?

I also was taking these as JPGs and not RAW (they are snapshots after all) so there is minimal editing using Lightroom Classic CC.


Death is Always The Expectation

Taking the new Fijifilm X100F for a spin on a rainy and foggy New England Winter day. More to come about this wonderful camera later.

This is part of the series I am creating around three branches in the winter. I am always fascinated with the similitude between the three branches and the blood vessels in the human body; specially the brain. Click on them to see them bigger.

I guess that's the reason I am always looking up into the sky.

The title pertains to a train of though that has been the topic on my life recently.

Lots of dear friends and family passing away and me getting to that age where I worry if I will be next.

I am reminded of the wonderful work by photographer Simon Hoegsberg, "We are All Going to Die - 100 Meters of existence". Is a sobering reminder of that big deadline we all face. Go take a look (You will need flash on your browser to see it).

I guess the important thing to remember is what we do with our alloted time. How do we make the most of it. What do we leave behind.

I recently watched the Disney movie "Coco" that deals with our memories and the memory of our loved ones. It resonated with me because I have always had similar thoughts about the people who came before us. I will probably be one of the last persons to remember my grandfathers.

How do I honor their memories? What can I do so their legacies and struggles don't fade away into oblivion?

I guess, the best I can...

All images edited using Luminar 2018.