Last Week Memories

I think Tulips are a reflection on life.

Life as in the fact that we have to live in the moment. Not duel on the past or worry too much about the future.

Shine bright like a Diamond, quoting Rhianna…

Last week memories

These flowers have an extremely short lifespan and yet their beauty shines but for a brief moment…

What are we doing with our lives? Why waste time in futile things?

Nature’s beauty is all around us.

I Guess Huckleberry Can't Paint the Fence

My wife wants to get rid of them…

I think they have a certain appeal. Keeps reminding me of Romulo Gallegos book: “La Trepadora” (The Creeper). Read it a long, long time ago…

It is a little alien looking… An Alien climbing over the fence, there is your political statement!!

I was commenting on my Instagram Account where I posted a similar photo, that nature always finds a way, always. No mater how big, tall, strong or hardened, living things don’t give a fuck and they will grow around them.

I took this one with the iPhone. It has been raining here like a mother and is cold and damp. I was outside looking at my yard when this caught the corner of my eye.

I edited the photo in Lightroom using Ted Forbes’ Presets. I think he is still running a sale if you are interested in them.

As always with my photos, click on them so see them bigger.

Hope you like it! See you in the funny pages…

A creeper on my fence…

Le Flare

I am a big fan of the Alien movies.

I went to see the original Alien movie in theaters, back in 79' with my best friend Carlos.

The movie had such an impression on me that I got completely hooked and watched each and every one of the sequels from then on. (Yes, even Alien vs. Predator)

When they came out with the set of DVDs compendium, I immediately bought them. It is what is known as the Alien Quadrilogy.

When I got rid of all my DVDs, I kept the Quadrilogy (and the Star Wars DVDs, of course).

It is my guilty pleasure...

It is such an addiction that I have seen the movies multiple times. Every time they come out on TV, I watch them. It's safe to say that I am an avid Alien follower.

When they decide to revive the series with Prometheus, I was a little skeptical.

I and my boys went to see it in IMAX and I was not disappointed.

I though they took it in a good direction and expected to have a good follow-up that was going tie in with the originals.

That is until I saw Alien Covenant last Thursday.

My hopes were crushed by Ridley Scott...

I am the kind of person that does not like to spoil pictures for other people, so I won't say much about it. Suffice it to say, I did not like the movie.

I left the theater completely disappointed and with very little interest in watching the following sequels. It was a ridiculous story.

While I waited for my son to pick me up, I snapped this photo of a medical building near the theater. I've always liked the lighting and though about taking a picture using the RAW camera from Lightroom Mobile.

At least the night ended with a good shot...