So, I am addicted...

For a couple of years, I have been begging my wife for a Sodastream machine. Every time we went to Walmart, I wind up running circles around the machine and the flavor packets.

Between thinking they were really expensive, thinking we had no more room in our kitchen for another gadget and thinking we didn't need to drink more soda, she and I were reluctant to buy it.

All those arguments went away last Friday when we went to visit Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Esedia had a coupon from the store and she was looking for the Bacon Boss and just walking around looking at stuff.

We saw the Sodastream machines and we said: "Maybe when we get a bonus...". The model we wanted was $129,99 and it's called the Power One.

We found the Bacon Boss, but it turned out to be on top of all the shelfs at the store and it required a ladder and it was too much fuzz. We told the lady that was helping us not to bother that we didn't want to trouble her. She said it was not too much trouble, but we insisted.

We kept walking into the store and that's when we got to the Clearance Bin. Right there, there were not one but two Sodastream machines. One was the Power One and the other one the next model down.

The Power One was on sale for $79.99 due to it been the floor model. I looked at Esedia and she had the same look I had. "Let's get it!!".

I turned back around, got a bottle of C02, a couple of flavor bottles (Cola and Ginger Ale) and a couple of caps for the bottle.

All in all, it came to $125, machine, CO2, flavors and Caps. Less than the machine alone!

We could not wait to get home and try it!! :-)

That been said, I think is a great gadget. I have been drinking a lot more water since we got it. For me is more about the Seltzer water. The only flavor I add are pieces of fruit that I mix with the Soda water.

The kids love the cola and the Ginger Ale.  It takes less than a minute to make a liter of Soda Water or Flavor Soda and the company website says that on average the machines save about 500 bottles from going into the environment.

It is also a lot healthier...