Grandma's Birthday

Today is Grandma’s Birthday.

We went out to a local Mexican restaurant named Rio Bravo to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.


Been really far away from my own mother has made me care a lot for my mother-in-law, She, like every person her age, has her quirks but like me and my wife always say: “There is nothing more important than family”.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Harborview Market for a Birthday

We went out to celebrate our son’s 22nd birthday.

My wife had suggested we go to this place called Harborview Market in Fairfield a mere 12 minutes from our house.

She had to take our youngest to visit the dentist so she called me to make sure I got there early to see if I could get us a table.

You see, Harborview Market is just that, a Market that has a bunch of tables with a large collection of what looks to be chairs that have been gathered through tag sales.

Every chair is different…


When I got there, the place was jam packed and I had to park my car about a block away, on a rainy day.

I asked in front if I could reserve a table for 10 people and they informed me that they didn’t take reservations. All I could do, was wait and hover over the tables until one was available.

That took about 45 minutes…

My brother-in-law arrived with his wife and daughter, as well as my son and his girlfriend. I asked them to hover over some tables to see if one of us got lucky.

In the end, it paid off as we started to sit with some strangers in the hopes that when they left we will have the table to ourselves.

When we were about to settle in two tables, my wife arrived with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, and of course, she saved the day!!

She managed to wrangle a family that was leaving and we all sat at this antique round table ready to eat.

OUR table at Harborview Market

OUR table at Harborview Market

We started with some delicious Croissants that my wife had ordered ahead of time, and then everybody ordered their own thing. My choice was a wonderful Cuban Sandwich that turned out to be huge and AWESOME!.

We had coffee, Juice and talked just about everything and everybody had a great time.

Everybody absorbed in conversation…

Everybody absorbed in conversation…

We got to meet the owner of the place as he came over to our table and introduced himself. He was extremely nice!. We later found out that he his originally from Cuba, but was raised here and he spoke Spanish fluently.

Our Birthday Boy and his girlfriend

Our Birthday Boy and his girlfriend

Everybody left with a full stomach and a smile on their faces. We definitely have to come back to Harborview Market!.

Ripe Age

This past weekend we drove to White Plains, NY to visit and celebrate my mother-in-law brother's birthday.

His nickname is Cucho (I don't think I have ever known his real name, they always call him Cucho) and he was celebrating his 95th run around the Sun.

His daughter, my wife's cousin, invited us and my mother-in-law for dinner and some cake.

It's about an hour drive from our house and because it was Saturday, it turns out to be a nice easy ride.

When we got there, around 5:00 PM. Half of his family was out getting the food for the celebration, and the other half was there to greet us.

We made ourselves at home and started drinking some Tequila and beer with my wife's cousin's husband (he is Mexican).

We started talking about family and friend and Cucho seemed to become more animated.

What was really amazing was the fact that for his age, Cucho has most of his wits and memory. He was telling me that he takes a cold shower every day in the morning, no mater the season! He exercises every day and he is also a vegan.

He also told me that his only complaint was that his short-term memory was not working and that he had insomnia. Otherwise, he was able to recall every episode and minutia from years ago.

Every time we go visit these people, they have enough food to feed an army and this time was no different.

We had rotisserie chicken, Moro de Habichuelas (Rice with Beans), Moro de Guandules (Rice with Pigeons Peas), Steak and Salad.

We ate and continue drinking and chatting about the good old times in the Dominican Republic.


Someone mentioned something about an old song, and we pulled an iPhone to start streaming videos to the living room TV. It was sort of an impromptu karaoke, as we all started singing songs from our younger years.

We did some dancing and then it was time to cut the cake.

We sang happy birthday and asked Cucho to make a wish before blowing the candles...

He the proceeded to tell me that he wished for health for all of us. What a great guy!!


All in all, we had a great time and the chance to share some memories with Cucho in his ripe age of 95!

Happy Birthday, Cucho!


Prime One Eleven

A couple of weeks ago, it was Gabriel's birthday. Since then Esedia had told me that she wanted to take him and the other boys to celebrate. She wanted to take them out to eat and celebrate as a family. Regrettably, she was sick for the better part of last week and we couldn't go.

Coordination with all the different schedules is also almost impossible. Especially with Gilberto's schedule.

Yesterday was the day! It was a really beautiful day and everybody was home, so we decided to go right after Art Class.

Esedia had two choices, either Sushi or Steak. We texted the boys and they all said "Steak". (of course!).

She had bought a Gift Certificate online, on the Facebook Marketplace and we were all set to go to this steak house called: Prime One Eleven.

It was a 15-minute drive from our home to Trumbull and when we got there, the restaurant was empty, which is the case every time we go out. :-)

The setting is absolutely beautiful, with hardwood floors and a wide open space table arrangement. There are some tables with umbrellas outside and they are all set for the hotter months.

Been that this was a steakhouse, we knew that this was probably going to be an expensive lunch. A guy made a comment when we were coming in, that "I was a braver man than him, bring those three boys to a steakhouse".

The menu has a nice choice of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, oyster bar (my brother will love it!) and a few nice selections of cut meats.

Gilberto and I got some beers, Guinness for him, Two Roads Road Jam Raspberry Wheat for me. Beers were a little warm for my taste, and the Raspberry/Lemongrass combination lost some of its charms because of that.

We order some Calamari Fritta as an appetizer while we waited for our meals.

We stuck a conversation about how expensive some of the dishes were and I made the argument that this was the Trumbull/Shelton area which is much more affluent than Bridgeport and I was sure that the clientele could afford it much more than your average Joe.

It's also one of those... "Special Occasions" that you do something like this, not to repeat it for a couple of years.

Esedia was telling me that she had heard from some of her co-workers that the restaurant was almost always full.

Right after saying that, the crowd started coming in...

Esedia ordered the Fillet Mignon Chili.

Gilberto and Gaby ordered each, the Prime "Steak" Burger. (they were sitting on the opposite side of the table, so I could not take any pictures).

I ordered the Ultimate Steak Sandwich and...

...the pièce de résistance, was the NY Strip Center Cut that Carlos ordered and that is dry aged 28 days.

The Fried Calamari was fantastic and my Caesar Salad was made from scratch, so it was delicious. I have not had a Caesar Salad this good since my Dad and I made them.

The sandwich was good, but I would not call it "Ultimate". I only ate half of it and took the rest home.

I had the chance to taste Esedia's Chili and it was pretty fantastic!! I guess you can deny the quality of the Fillet Mignon.

Gil and Gaby seem to have enjoyed their burgers, as they devoured them toot sweet!

I did not ask to try Carlos' NY Strip as I wanted him to enjoy his choice and give me his opinion. He was paying for his dish and I thought I will let him gloat a little about eating an expensive steak.

He said that he has had better...

We had an extraordinary meal. We were all so full after that, that nobody thought about dinner that night.

Great restaurant, fine choice of meats and entrees. Great place to take a date but not for a family of five that includes three very healthy boys!

When we got out of the restaurant we saw a brand-spanking new Mercedes-Benz parked outside. It was very luxurious and I made the comment to the family, that we had to consider that we ate at the same place as the owner of that car...

Prime One Eleven is on 51 Monroe Tpke., Trumbull, CT, 06611