Gamma Ray Burst

Do you know about Gamma Ray Bursts?

Turns out the Universe does not give a fuck about us, or anybody else for that matter.

I was reading the wonderful book At Least Know This: Essential Science to Enhance Your Life by Guy P. Harrison (required reading if you want to know how the world works) and it the last chapter I was reading all about Gamma Ray Burst (GRB).

In any moment in time, a neutron star might decide to explode emitting a form of radiation known as a Gamma Ray Burst that will incinerate everything in its path. EVERYTHING!

Scientist agree that if it happens within our galaxy, we wouldn’t even feel it. In other words death will come swiftly!

I created this piece in honor of all the Gamma Ray Burst that might be lurking out there in the mighty, mighty universe.

Created using Fractal Architect, Filter Forge and Lens Flare Studio.

Happy Friday?

The Fantastic Voyage

The Fantastic Voyage

The Fantastic Voyage

I still remember the first time I saw the movie “Fantastic Voyage”... 

As a science fiction fan, it was the from the on-set a classic!

It made me want to learn more about the human body and I distinctly remember we were learning anatomy in high school around those years, so the concept was absolutely fascinating. 

I was watching some videos on the Affinity Photo Vimeo page, trying to learn to use the iPad applications, and somehow this came out of that effort. 

It transported me to that year when I first saw humans boarding a submarine to be shrunk down and injected onto a guy’s neck.

We are all traversing through life in a Fantastic Voyage...

Darkness in Your Eyes

Darkness in Your Eyes

Art as a result of mood.

I am currently full of a sense of dread and apathy...

...they say that things like that are likely to affect you and the things you do. 

What happens when depression fills your art? Do other people see it?

They say depression does not show any symptoms, but what about when something comes out of your mind twisted and dark?

Does it show then?

Can this be considered a form of therapy? Letting out our darkest, most terrible thoughts on paper and/or in digital form. Could this be construted as an outlet?

Am I getting better? Is there anybody out there?