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Steelpointe Harbor, Bridgeport CT


Steelpointe Harbor

Bridgeport, Connecticut

My wife and I spent most of today working on 1/4 of the mess we have in out garage. Ir was really hard work and the heat was almost unbearable. We wound up exhausted around 4:00 PM but we made extremely good progress. I think we did a great job.

My youngest spent the whole day watching the new season of “Stranger Things” so I thought it would be great if we go out for lunch (at 4:00 PM it was more probably like dinner).

The two of them were undecided on where to go, so I made the choice of going to the new restaurant that opened in Bridgeport, right next to the new Marina: Boca Oyster Bar.

Beautiful place, right by the  water. A little on the expensive side.

We had one of the best nachos we ever had in a long time as an appetizer. It is served on a cast iron pot and the nachos are crunchy and delicious.

Delicious Nachos at Boca Oyster Bar

Delicious Nachos at Boca Oyster Bar

My wife ordered the Crunchy Cod Tacos that she could not finish of course!

I ordered the Lobster Roll. One of the best ones I have ever had.

Crunchy Cod Tacos

Crunchy Cod Tacos

My son ordered the Steak Sandwich and everybody left full and satisfied. 

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

This development is great for this ailing city and I hope it can get out of stigma that is attached to it. A once great city making strides to get back to its former glory days. I, for one, am looking forward to what’s to come with my adopted city.

Dockmasters Building at the Steelpointe Harbor Marina, Bridgeport CT