Photography & Art


Is Photography Considered Art?


Often, people question the word Art in association with the word Photography. Are photographers artists? Is it really art when you capture a scene, a person, a thing?

The artistic process starts with the abstraction and it often finishes with the manipulation of tones and/or pixels.

In other words, the photographer questions a subject based on his or her artistic values to make the decision to take the picture or not. He has a mental picture of what he wants from the subject. He then uses his tools to capture the essence of the subject. The tools are no different that brushes, canvas, wood, stone chisels...

He then takes the raw material (pun not intended) and proceeds to manipulate the tones, massaging the vision until he gets to the Eureka moment.

Is it not art when the photographer realizes his Vision? Is photography an art?  If we are to question the art in photography, why can we question what is the true nature of art?

If it's not art, why then it is exhibited in galleries around the world? Why do photographs now fetch large sums of money at auctions?

Like everything, it is subject to interpretation…

I see myself as an artist. It has taken me several years to get to the point where I know what I want and how to get to it using the tools at hand.

What is your opinion? Do you consider photography an art? Do you consider yourself an artist?