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Order, Finally!

We bought our house a year ago.

Since then, it has been a constant struggle to find order amongst the chaos that comes with a move. There are things still in boxes all over this new house, garage and basement.

The main point of contention for me has been my office.

My office in my old condo was large. I had my entire library there with all my books and had space for four tables where I can put everything at any point in time.

My new office in the new house is part of the attic. Small might be an understatement!

My home away from home

The old one was in in the basement, the new one in the attic.

The old one didn’t have windows, the new one has windows and lots of light.

The old one was always cold, the new one is always hot.

It has been an extremely difficult change. I had to adjust. For example, now all my books are on the second floor.

The worst part was the clutter. I had a million little things spread everywhere, including the floor and there was no desk space available for me to do anything. I needed some motivation to get this under control.

I was watching a YouTube video last night (this one) where I was seeing other people’s desks and I felt a sense of shame.

I woke up with a brand new purpose like I never had before and decided that enough was enough. Clutter had to go.

it took me about two hours but I am extremely pleased with what I have right now.

My main desk

My main desk

Now I can find things and the feeling of disorganization has mostly gone away. It is like a breath of fresh air and a blank canvas where I am going to be able to be more creative.

Work table. Mostly project and handcrafts happen here.

Work table. Mostly project and handcrafts happen here.

There are small details that I need to work out, like the fact I need to dress my wall with more pictures and a a couple more shelves, but right now I am on Happy, Happy Land.

Company Workspace, this one needs more work

Company Workspace, this one needs more work

They say that a clutter desk is a sure sign of a clutter mind.

I did not want to be classified as a cluttered person with a cluttered mind.