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One day...

One day, you'll look To see I've gone. But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun. Someday, you'll know I was the one. But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.

I am trying to be proactive and take more pictures.

As part of that effort, I decided to take part in a challenge.

Is not really one of those 365 day challenges, although it can turn into that.

Photo a Day

It is called Photo A Day.

It is organized by Chantelle, the blogger behind Fat Mum Slim ( and she publishes a list for every month of the year with prompts that try to motivate you to go out and take more photos (interior photos are fine as well).

The idea been that the words will make you think on how you interpret the prompts and along the way find some inspiration.

I though this might turn into a burden but so far I have done it for four days and seem to be getting out to the funk I have been in lately.

This was the photo for Day 6 with the topic Skyline.

Well, no, this was not the photo that I'd published or the photo that I took. The actual photo is this one:


As you can see, a boring and uninteresting sky. It's a skyline but in reality doesn't say much more than that.

So the image above, is a composite. I was updating the apps on my phone and saw that the application Skylab Photo Editor had an update and wanted to check it out so I started manipulating the photo.

I added the clouds, the birds and changed the overall temperature of the photo using a Warming filter; all within the Skylab Photo Editor App.

A much better photo that to me speaks volumes and has a more nostalgic feeling. I wish I had posted the composite to the Instagram as part of the challenge...

Go check out the Photo a Day Challenge. You don't have to commit to a whole month and who knows, you might find the will and the inspiration to take more photos.