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Oaxaca Pizzeria & Taqueria


Yesterday was the last day of vacation for Esedia and Gabriel. Esedia spent most of her day doing chores with her mom. I called her around 5:30 PM to see if she had any plans for dinner. She quickly replied that she was busy with her mom and that we could do whatever we wanted for dinner.

Gabriel was in the mood for pizza, so he, Carlos and me left the house looking for a pizza place.

They suggested Planet Pizza and we were all in agreement, so off we went.

Carlos was driving his new car and we were chatting along the way. I kept thinking that I didn't want to go all the way to Fairfield for pizza, so I went to the Maps app on my iPhone to see if I could find something closer.

Esedia had been pestering me to go this new pizzeria, only a few blocks from our house. It is called "Oaxaca Pizzeria & Taqueria" (Oaxaca Pizza and Tacos).

Places like those usually suffer from what I call "The Multi-function Syndrome". You know, the idea that something that has multiple functions is never really good at all of them... Like a multi-function printer?

I checked on Yelp and it turns out that it had great reviews, so I changed the minds of my boys and we drove to the place.

Boy! was I wrong...

The place sits in a little shopping plaza on the corner of Madison Avenue and Merrit Street. If you are not looking, you might miss it, but you sure should not.

Six or seven tables at the most, but the menu is pretty impressive. There are the usual, pizzas and calzones, and the usual variety of Italian fares that you find in any pizzeria. You flip the menu around and you find yourself with a delectable menu of Mexican dishes.

My two boys decided to go with Pepperoni Calzones. I took a look at the cook behind the counter and ordered Oaxacan Chorizo Nachos and the three taco special (Chicken, Chorizo, and Carne Asada).

Oaxacan Chorizo Nachos

We didn't have to wait too long as we were the only customers there. The boys got calzones that were smaller than what you usually get at regular pizzerias, but the crust was thin and crunchy. Carlos said that it was the best calzone he has ever had!

The nachos were full of ingredients. Where other places they give you a little bit of meat and lots of chips, these were full of everything; jalapeños, pepper, re-fried beans, cheese, etc.

Three Tacos Special

Every time I try a new Mexican place, I usually order different tacos to see which meat is better. I can tell you that all three types of meat, in this case, were excellent. The roasted scallion and Jalapeño were a really nice touch to the presentation.

This is definitely a new favorite for us!

I didn't have time to taste the pizza but the way the boys devoured them, tells me that they were really good.

Plenty of food for the prices and truly authentic with regards to the Mexican side of things.

You can find Oaxaca Pizzeria and Taqueria at 2212 Madison Avenue, Bridgeport CT