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New Office

The new office in the new house is coming along nicely...

360º image of the new office...

360º image of the new office...

After months of things to do at the new house, I finally had some time to work on fixing my peronal space, my man-cave if you will.

This new office, contrary to the old one, is located in the polar oposite of the house. While the old ona was in the basement, the new one is in what will normally be the attic.

A lot more light and a lot less space, but I think is more cozy and a joy to be in there. I only wish for East facing windows.

I still have to hang all the art work and pictures, but it is starting to look the way I want it. 

Had to install a window AC unit as the room usually reaches 90+ degrees in the Summer. I can wait to see what it will be in the Winter!!

This one taken with the Yi MeSphere as I thougth an all incompasing picture will tell a better story. It was a bracketed set with a 2 EV difference stiched together using Aurora HDR 2018.

The black thing in the bottom is the mini-tripod. :-)