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Memories of Mariner 9

I still remember when in 1976 the Viking lander landed on Mars.

Memories of Mariner 9

I was too young to remember the lunar landing (I was 7 without a TV) so the Viking landing was my first foray into a big astronomy event.

Viking 2 landed while Viking 1, the orbiter, photographed the landform that constitutes the so-called “Face on Mars”. That was July 1976. I was 13…

I remember see the pictures and thinking: “That looks just like earth. A desert on earth, but earth nonetheless

We had to wait until 1997 (with Pathfinder) to get another, albeit clearer, glimpse of our red neighbor.

Guess what, still looks like earth!

The Mars missions have always had wonderful names: Mariner, Viking, Pathfinder, Beagle, Spirit, Opportunity…

I was thinking of those missions when I was editing this picture. In this case, the opposite. How some things on Earth look just like Mars.

It’s all about our reference frame.

I’ll probably never set foot on another planet, but I can still dream and fly there with my images and my imagination.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere — Albert Einstein.