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Memorial Day Weekend Celebration


We had such a great Memorial Day weekend!! Last Saturday, we were invited to my brother-in-law's house for an outdoor BBQ/get-together. As usual, we were asked to bring some beer and soda. Esedia, Carlos, Gabriel and me, got there around 3:30 PM. Gilberto, our oldest, said he was tired and he didn't want to go.

My brother-in-law was busy making hotdogs by the time we got there. He also had a giant brisket on the coals since 4:00 AM! That is definitely dedication to the craft of grilling.

It was supposed to be a nice day, but by the time the evening rolled in, it started to get a little chilly. I was drinking Bloody Marys and could not feel a thing. ;-)

Music was pumping, everybody was in separate groups having conversations in both Spanish and English. A venerable melting pot!

The Firepit

Memorial Day Weekend

Some of the women there started complaining about how cold it was, so my brother-in-law tasked me with lighting the firepit.

Using a couple of firestarters and a few sheets of newspaper, I had the fire going in a couple of minutes. The flames started growing, people started gathering around the firepit... Five minutes later we got marshmallows!

My nephew's girlfriend brought some really very strong jello-shots and they were gone in a manner of minutes.

I gotta admit, I was a little tipsy and I might have gotten a little obnoxious. My wife made the comment that I was saying some things that were not right.

We ate the brisket, with Moro de Guandules (Rice and Pigeon Peas), potato salad, and several other side dishes that I can't remember having. (Like I said, I was a little tipsy). The brisket was cooked to perfection. Slow-roasting over coals is definitely the way to go with that meat.

We wind up coming back to the house around midnight.  We were all smelling like smoke from the fire.

All and all, we had an awesome time and great food. I need to say that my brother-in-law's brisket was the best!!

The little collage was created using some iPhone snapshots and the application BlogStomp. It's a great app that will give your blog a professional look. It will add some pizzaz to your images.