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Mecha Noodle Bar


"Slurping is encouraged"—Mecha Noodle Bar I have been on-call for most of this week and overall it has been very busy few days at work.

I got the new camera (it came faster than expected) and because of that, I have been in the mood to go out of the house. Maybe take some pictures for a change.

Yesterday, the two oldest ones went out with friends and to the movies, so I called Esedia to ask her if she will like to go out for dinner; just her, Gabriel and me.

She said yes and asked where I wanted to go. I said: "Let's go to someplace fun!"

I started thinking about fun places and immediately Mecha Noodle Bar came to mind!

I have eaten food from there (always take-out) but I have never been so, naturally, I was attracted to the experience.

Mecha Noodle Bar, A Fun Place to Eat!

Mecha Noodle Bar is located at 1215 Post Road, Fairfield (although they have other locations in Norwalk and New Haven). The Fairfield locale is right next door to Milkcraft.

We got there around 6:30 PM and the place was full. There are about eight to ten tables total and you sit Japanese Bar style, right next to your neighbors. If you have trouble sitting next to strangers, this might not be your kind of place.

The vibe of the place is very hip and young with the kitchen behind the bar and with large flames shooting from the stoves. A great sight to see!

Celling Decor

There were a lot of young people at sitting at the bar and on the tables. This is a reflection of the much more affluent town of Fairfield.

We sat down and were immediately greeted by our waitress who asked if this was our first time at Mecha. Esedia had never been but Gabriel and I knew the drill. She came to Esedia's side and explained the menu, which was great.

Gabriel pointed out that they had Bubble Tea on the menu (he knew I was interested in tasting it) so he and I ordered Temple of the Sun Bubble Tea (African nectar tea, pineapple, and passion fruit).

Temple of the Sun

As my first time having this, I thought it was delicious. Esedia had some from my cup but she wasn't sold.

The waitress did an awesome job in selling the dishes, and we decided to order some appetizers. We ordered the Red Oil Dumplings (pork, shrimp, Sichuan vinegar, cilantro, and shallots) and from the summer menu, I ordered the Curry Snapper (coconut sticky rice, greens, Memma and fine herbs).

I did not take a picture of the dumplings as everybody was hungry and they were gone in less than a minute. The curry snapper, however, was absolutely fabulous.

Curry Snapper

Gabriel was not a fan (he doesn't like fish too much) but Esedia and I love it!!

Esedia was eyeing the plate of a guy that was sitting in front of us, so she asked what it was. The waitress told her it was the "Lemongrass Spare Ribs" and she ordered that.

Lemongrass Spare Ribs

These turned out to be one of the most delicious ribs I have ever tasted in my life. They were succulent and falling off the bone with a nice kick from the chilies.

I ordered the Tonkotsu ramen (Pork ramen. chasu, spicy sprouts, egg, scallion with the Memma (bamboo) and the Tamago (Seasoned 7 Minute egg).


Gabriel decided on the Pho Tai (rare beef slices, beef and chicken broth, cilantro, rice noodles, scallions, and onions).

Pho Tai

What a wonderful feast!!

The food was incredibly delicious and service was fast. We absolutely satisfied with the service and complemented the dishes many times. The attention to detail of all the dishes was superb!

I later told Esedia that I like this kind of places, they offer a different fair of food, out the ordinary and usual places you can visit.

The last of the Pho

A little on the pricey side if you bring more than two people or if you like me have teenagers that eat their weight in food.

There is a lot of food on those bowls, so bring your appetite.

I will definitely recommend Mecha Noodle bar for a dinner date with your significant other.

The Fairfield location is open  Mon- Sat from 11:30 AM to 10 PM and Sundays from 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM.