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MacPhun's Luminar Neptune Upgraded with AI


Today, MacPhun, creators of programs like Aurora HDR and MacPhun's Creative Kit; have released a new version of their photo editor Luminar. The new version (Neptune) now contains an Artificial Intelligence powered filter that "will allow you to make stunning images in seconds, not minutes or hours!", according to the company.

With a speed boost in mind (they are looking at you Lightroom), the development team created a new filter that they called: "Accent - AI Filter".

This brand new technology offers a single slider that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze almost everything about your photo. "Things like structure, objects, dark and light zones, colors and other aspects of your image. Then, it taps the power of dozens of other filters in Luminar and syncs them up to make a perfect photo."—Macphun states in their news posting.

Luminar's "Go-To" Workspace
Luminar's "Go-To" Workspace

Another important addition to the program includes a new "go-to" workspace for most photos. Said workspace includes Accent AI, Saturation and Vibrance and also Vibrance filters.

Luminar will now integrate directly with the Creative Kit (Intensify, Tonality, Snapheal, FX Photo Studio, Focus Pro and Noiseless) and with Aurora HDR 2017.

This means that Luminar acts as a host application like Lightroom or Photoshop.

Luminar Plugins
Luminar Plugins

Additionally, Luminar sports a new full featured Vignette Filter, that supports Vignette styles and pre and post crop vignette modes.

Other updates include:

  • Support for Tabs
  • Better performance on the Brush, Gradient and Radial tools.
  • Better Memory Management
  • Custom Crop Sizes
  • History feature in Denoise, Transform and Clone & Stamp tools

With all these features and a 30% performance boost in speed, Luminar Neptune will find a welcoming home in any photographer's arsenal of tools.

Luminar Neptune is a FREE update for all owners of Luminar Pluto. Is also important to remember that currently, Luminar is a MacOS only product, but the company is working on a Windows version that they say will come soon enough.

How to Update to Luminar Neptune:

If you purchased a previous version of Luminar directly from Macphun, simply launch the app and it should automatically ask if you want to update. Otherwise, just choose the Luminar menu and then select Check for Updates...

Otherwise, just choose the Luminar menu and then select Check for Updates...

If you don't own Luminar or if you will like to try it, you can do so by following this link.