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Lumist is Better Than Luminosity Masks


"Lumist is AWESOME!"—Gavin Seim

The photographer Gavin Seim, international award-winning portraitist, pictorialist, and speaker based in Washington; has created a set of actions to process photos in Photoshop using Luminosity Masks.

The set of actions that he has labeled: "Lumist" offers a shortened process that allows users to edit photos using Ansel Adams famous Zone System.

The process allows any Photoshop user the ability to combine control and color in a totally new way.

"With Lumist you can visualize, select and perfect every tone in your photo using the darkroom of the future. Let there be light!"

The actions work with Photoshop CS2 to Photoshop CC and offer the following:

  • Total Mapping - Create all zones with a simple click
  • Tone Select - Select and change zones or zone ranges
  • Perfect Mask - Giving you total control of your masks
  • Color Luma - Sunlight in a can. Perfect effects every time
  • Stackable Actions - Stack every action for better results

The product gives the user an unbelievable amount of control in a very easy way. One button press and you are editing tones and colors like a pro.

Mr. Seim has a sale on the product that is going to expire soon, so if you are interested, you can grab a copy for US$79 using the link below.

After the sale, the product goes back to the regular price of US$129.

Lumist is a set of actions that will allow you to work with Luminosity Masks like you have never done before.

Included in this price is a FREE Lumist Workshop.

Lumist is also compatible with the other products that Mr. Seim offers like Alchemist and Platinum.

I have bought Mr. Seim's LR Presets in the past and I can recommend his products wholeheartedly.

I am looking forward to working with this powerful set fo actions and see how they can affect my workflow in a positive way.

Take a look and let me know if you decide to buy it, how does it work for you.

I will like to clarify that there is absolutely no affiliation between me and Mr. Seim and that the opinions expressed here are my own.

Lumist Actions by Gavin Seim