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Luminar Keyboard Shortcuts - macOS

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The best way to become proficient on any application is to quickly learn the keyboard shortcuts. Depending on menus and the clicks of the mouse, usually tends to make processing images a tedious task.

By using keyboard shortcuts, not only we save time and clicks, but we also understand and learn the ins and outs of our photo editors.

Once you learn keyboard shortcuts, the process of editing photos becomes an ambidextrous endeavor!

Skylum Luminar

One of my new favorite editors is the wonderful Luminar by Skylum (previously MacPhun). Is the editor that we all wanted Adobe Lightroom to be.

There is a very serious drive to make Luminar the editor of choice for many photographers. All you need to do is search on YouTube for "Luminar tutorials" and you will see that there are almost as many as the ones for Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you don't own Luminar, do yourself a favor and go to the Skylum page to download a free trial (Scroll almost to the bottom of the page for the trial link). The application is very intuitive and you will pick it up in no time.

I can't wait for when Skylum releases the new version that includes DAM (Digital Assets Management). Lightroom, better watch out!!

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

As I am starting to use this application more and more, I wanted to learn to use it as fast as I could.

That is why I created a list of the keyboard shortcuts for the Mac operating system (my computers are all macs).

In the spirit of sharing, I decided to post them here for you to download them at your pleasure.

Please, make sure to share the link with your friends and anybody who uses Luminar on macOS.

I will be grateful if you leave a comment with any suggestion or anything else you will like me to add.

You can download the PDF using the following Link:

Luminar macOS Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF File).