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If you want to stay hidden…

“If you want to stay hidden, they will hide you forever…"


It is a line from the BBC TV series Shetland. In the episode, they unearth the body of a seven-year-old girl who was missing for almost 20 years. She had fallen on a Peat ditch and died.

The forensic pathologist said that Peat had the ability to keep bodies for all eternity.

I was thinking about that fact when I took this picture. It was interesting to me because I have always been some sort of Steppenwolf.

Is not that I hate people (although sometimes they are quite annoying) is that I prefer to be by myself and with my thoughts.

I also think that is one of the reasons why I shifted the focus of my photography from weddings and events to landscapes and fine art.

Is hard to work with people with regards to weddings and events.

People often times don’t value your services. They think that the job consists only of taking the picture. They don’t realize that to get to that point, there is a level of preparation and studies that have to happen and that takes time, effort and money!

In other words, they don’t understand that they are paying for your professionalism. But today, they get confronted with the cost of professional photography and they decide that someone "they know" can do the job because is good enough.

A person called me at one point asking for my rates. Immediately, I explained to her that “it all depends on the amount of work and the kind of job” and she got mad at me and hung up the phone.

I had enough of that.

Landscapes never complain...

Goodbye Social Life?

It’s also the reason I left Facebook. It was becoming a cesspool of human waste. Every stupid story and fake piece of news appeared on my timeline. Dropping people left and right posting the most horrid videos and images defeats the purpose of the social network.  Why do they do that?

Don’t you think we have enough with the state the world and the way we are behaving as humans? Why do you feel the need to share misery and discomfort?

It was also becoming quite annoying with regards to my relationships. I will post something and tag my wife, such as, and she will get pestered with questions about my posting.

It has been two months and I don’t miss it.

I don’t think that we are supposed to be sharing anything and everything about us. Some mystery is better. ;-)

In light of recent events, where some wackos have decided to do a live feed of crimes they are committing, I think I am better off and quite sure that I am right.

My brother quitted all social networks a while ago and I think he lives a quieter and better life. I think I will join him...