Photography & Art


I can't draw for S....

When I was in college studying Computer Science, one of the classes I had to take was a design class.

The professor was an a-hole that was famous for flunking a large number of students.

Back then, I thought something along the lines of: “Why the heck do I have to take this class, I am a Computer Science mayor, I never going to need this crap”.

The final exam in that class was the completion of multiple blueprint depicting a protractor, with one of them been an exploded view of said device.

Two months into that nightmare, I withdrew myself from the class.

There was a feeling of failure, of unfinished business that left a really bad taste in my mouth.

The Cloisters, NYC

Later on in life, I was really excited with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and when the technology was in its infancy, it was one of the things I wanted to do.

You see, there is a creative bug nagging at me with everything I do. My love for computers, always drives me to be creative in that medium.

I still feel like I will like to do some drafting or sketching and my library is full of those types of books.

I am procrastinating and thinking that I am going to be able to do some of that when I am old or perhaps retired.

In the mean time, I can use the power of the computer and the technology within my grasp to create art and images that resemble that ambition.