Photography & Art


Good Enough?

I usually don't throw away bad photos...

It has to be really, really bad for me to throw it away or delete it from my hard drives.

Even when they are pretty bad, I used as seeds for programs like Fractal Architect or Filter Forge. I use them to create abstract art in other words.

Sometimes, I see something that triggers that photographic corner of my eye and I have to take a picture.

That is the case for this image. I was walking into this house and there was something about the metal works and the plants that attracted me to take this photo.

I brought it into Lightroom and started massaging the pixels trying to coax and image that said: "You were right, there was something there!".

I edited and sent it into MacPhun Tonality CK for the black and white treatment. Then, back to Lightroom for some sharpening and Vignetting.

In the end, I was like: "Good Enough?, Meh! I kind of like it but not my best work..."

I posted it to Ello and it got a good response, so I guess it was Good Enough?

In this day and age, where everything retro is back in vogue, we are becoming more adept to the "Good Enough". We are been conditioned to accept mediocrity. Instagram filter and apps destroy images to make them look old and hip.

And then, we display and consume in small screens with very low resolution.

We call it Art!