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Get In-Formation Guys!

People used to trust photographs….

You used to heart the phrase in all the court dramas: “Let’s go to the photographic Evidence”.

In this day and age, where certain people are trying to convince us that everything is “Fake News” is really hard to trust anything we read let along anything we see.

Technology like photo editors has allowed us to bend reality to our needs.

Almost everyday we hear of a photographer adding and/or removing things from photographs to make them more dramatic or news-worthy.

Now we are starting to hear about “Deep Fakes” a technology that allows a person to modify a piece of video of someone to have them say whatever they want them to say. The technology is currently in its infancy but it’s getting better and better every day. Pretty soon we will not be able to trust video either.

Adobe, recently demonstrated a piece of software that samples a person’s speech patterns and allows them to create a speech of that person following a script with inflections and everything.

The reality is that we are pretty gullible. The set of dogmas that we follow makes us believe almost everything at face value.

Rarely do we stop and think: “Is this that I am reading or seeing, actually real?

We accept that because it came from one source or another it has to be real. We take at face value that the person or entity that posted the picture to the story; had the time or the inclination to verify their sources and double or triple check the facts.

Just the Facts, Jack!
— used to say the reporters.

It is really worth our while to go and secure a different point of view, a different perspective, a different source.

After all, not everybody sees everything the same way and we might find that the original source was wrong.

The point is that we should always question reality. Is the world that we live in, now.

Inform yourself before you wreck yourself…
— Paraphrasing Bryson Tiller

I think is the best piece of advice that I can give anybody in light of the nature of the news and everything we see on TV, the Internet or the world in general.

It’s getting pretty crazy out there and it definitely looks pretty biblical in an “End Of Days” kind of way.