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Find Your Lens with What The Lens!


As a new photographer, one of the most difficult decisions to make is what lens should you buy.

Is a decision that should always be dictated by the type of photography that we do, but with all the choices in Prime lenses and zooms, we can face an impasse.

Because we should always choose a lens based on our visual style, you can now take advantage of a new web tool that will help you make a choice.

What The Lens is a simple website that will help you select your next lens by showing you examples of the types of photos you might want to shoot.

I could not be easier. Just go the URL where you first select your type of Camera Mount and then you select among six categories:

  • Landscapes
  • Macro
  • Animals
  • Travel
  • People
  • Cityscapes

All you have to do afterwards is select around 20 photos (from the examples shown) that visually align with the type of photography you want to make. Don’t worry too much about counting the pictures, just click on the ones you like. The website will make a recommendation once it has enough images.

The recommendation will come with links where you can buy said lens (Amazon and Adorama now).

Afterwards, you can decide to make another run at the program, selecting a different category.

A great tool that can put you on the path of your next lens!

You can find the website using the link below.

A word of caution… There might be some images that are what some might call “Not Safe For Work (NSFW)” so please, exercise a modicum of care when you access the website from your place of work.

What The Lens - Find Your Next Lens