Photography & Art



Here comes my favorite season….

Fall is my favorite season…

The weather is changing and I can see some leaves falling and the trees changing colors.

My office is my attic so during the summer, it usually turns into my personal little hell.

I’m definetly welcoming the temperature changes. It will make my workspace much more comfortable.

It’s also my favorite season to go out and take photographs. It’s a given here in Connecticut. The pictures kind of make themselves.

Vibrant colors, complementary colors and sunsets/sunrises that will always guarantee a nice picture.

Now that I have a garden en the new house, I am also experimenting with Canning and Preserving. My Jalapeño and Habanero plants were extremely prolific this year. Someone also gifted me a Cheltipin and a Pequin plants. Those are coming inside during the cold months, so they can come back in the Spring.

I have been reading lots of books about preservation and canning. Some of my favorites are:

Creating ferments and hot sauces for the past month is kind of addicting and each one is delicious. I can’t wait to make more.

Autumn is the perfect time to cozy up to a book and a jar of pickles!!

Some of my creations, all from our garden!