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Distant Void - Inspiration by a Window Seat


I am afraid of heights... I wasn't always like that. As I was growing up, I was kind of fearless. I remember going to our family's farm and climbing every tree that bore any fruit.

Mangos, Guavas, Oranges, Lemons and an assortment of tropical fruits that you could usually only find in the Caribbean islands.

I would climb one tree, get my fill of that fruit, climb down and climb back up on a different fruit tree. I would go as high as I could, not even thinking about fear or consequences.

It was like that until I climbed on to this particular tree.

It was a "Jagua tree" which is a fruit that we Dominican use to make a sort of fermented juice, or non-alcoholic beer. Later on, I would find out that this tree's branches are usually very brittle.

I remember climbing higher and higher, looking to get to the top of this giant tree. That is when I heard the branch I was standing on, crack...

I fell several feet, breaking every branch on the way down, with my body.

Thankfully, there was a very thick bed of leaves at the bottom and that cushioned my fall. I was lying there assessing what had happened and lucky to be alive. That was the last time I dared to go higher than the floor.

I am so afraid, that I fear for others people and I get really anxious when I see people walking to balconies or ledges. I can't even watch movies with people climbing or doing daring feats up on high.

It is all in my head (I know), but I can't seem to be able to shake those fears.

Last year I decided to go with my kids to a zip-line park of course, thinking that I was going to have the courage to face my fears.

I got to the third level and I couldn't go on...

I climbed back down (wasting a big chunk of money in the process) and watched my kids having the time of their lives.

No Fear Here

Contrary to those fears, I am not afraid of flying. I love flying. Every opportunity I get, I try to sit by a window.

I am inspired by the book Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking by Julianne Kost

Taking of from NYCWhy not seat by the window? The incredible views we get as we take off, flight or land, are a photographer's dream.

I like to find out minimalistic shots or to cut everything down to patterns and lines. Is a way to stimulate the creative juices and see photographs where other people might not consider them.

I bought a drone (DJI Spark, coming soon!) thinking that I can let it take off and I will stay on the ground...

Maybe if I do all this it long enough, one day; I will be able to conquer my fears.