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Azteca Market

Mexican Food… My Kryptonite!!

This time we went to Azteca Market. A little supermarket/Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood . A favorite spot of recent because the food is very authentic and traditional.

Not much variety in the menu (tortas, tacos y quesadillas is about all there is) because after all is a supermarket!!

My wife, my son and me went there for lunch/dinner and the other two boys had other plans.

I ordered three tacos (Cecina, Carnitas and Al Pastor) plus some Steak nachos for everybody. My son ordered Chicken quesadillas and my wife went with the Chicken Pupusas with some Mexican rice and Frijoles.

Everything was absolutely delicious! Washed everything down with a large glass of Horchata (Rice drink).

There is not much to say when the food is this good…