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A Tapas Date


My wife is the queen of the bargains. She is incredible and is the person that other people rely on to get better prices and deals; everywhere! She is probably one of Groupon's favorite customers...

She is always telling me: "I have a groupon for such and such restaurant, do you want to go?"

And she gets great deals!!

This Friday, she sent me a message asking if I wanted to go on a date with her. She bought a deal at the Bistro MediterraneanTapas and Bar and she wanted to go.

I had an interest in trying Tapas (never had before) and it was at the end of a very tiring week at work. We deserved some R&R!!

I jumped at the invitation and we set up the time for 4:30 PM when I was done with work.

Before going, I decided to search online about Tapas Etiquette and best practices... It was silly but in the end, it paid up.

As the two locations (New Haven and Norwalk) were somewhat at the same distance from our house, we decided to go to the Norwalk site as we will be driving against the traffic.

As always we got there just in time and before crowds of people. For a few minutes, we and another couple were the only ones at the restaurant. That soon changed...

The Norwalk site is very intimate and must of the tables accommodate only two guess.

My Internet search told me, that the best thing to have with Tapas, was Cava, so we ordered a bottle of Viudas Segura to go with our selections.

My wife ordered Chorizo Español (Spanish Sausage) and I ordered the Pinchos Mixtos (Grilled Mixed Skewers) and the Plato de Jamon Serrano con Quesos (Assortment of cheese with Serrano Ham).

The Chorizo was the best with the plate of cheese and ham a close second. The Pinchos Mixtos were good but nothing to write home about.

The staff was very helpful and they answered every question we had. Bonus if you speak Spanish as most of them are Spanish-speaking.

We talked and talked about things and dreams and all in all it was a great date! The Cava was delicious and it acted as a palate cleanser between the dishes. A great option!!

I ordered an espresso but it was not very good. Would not recommend it. My taste in coffee has been somehow spoiled and not may places know how to make a good espresso.

Each Tapa is around $10-$20 and it's enough to be shared with your date. Not a cheap dinner, but if you can get a groupon is a great deal. My wife and I were completely satisfied with only three choices. When we asked for the tab, it came with two cups of Moscatel (Sherry) courtesy of the house.

An excellent choice for a dinner date and I am sure that we will come back, groupon or not. :-)