A Generational Gap

I grew up hearing about Generational Gaps.

According to Wikipedia:

Generation gap

A generation gap or generational gap, is a difference of opinions between one generation and another regarding beliefs, politics, or values. In today's usage, "generation gap" often refers to a perceived gap between younger people and their parents or grandparents.

I was reminded of the term when I recently saw one of these:

3 Minutes for 75 cents…

From now on, entire generations will never know what this was and why it was needed.

I still remember my college year, before cellphones, when I was a young turk without a driver license and I had to call my father to come and pick me up from school.

I was broke so many times that I had to borrow a quarter from a friend… It was either that or walk home.

It was incredibly amazing when me and a bunch of friends discovered the way to hack the payphone to make free phone calls. No more been stranded.

Now a days, five year olds get a cellphone!

Without the intention of getting on a soapbox and screaming “Get off my lawn, you pesky kids!”, i think there are some values and history worth preserving.

One of the great things about American society is the value they place on history. The highways are littered with signs that point you to this or that other museum.

Old houses are labeled with the construction year and preservation is on everybody’s mind.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."— George Santayana

In the current political climate, we see numerous examples of people forgetting the crimes of our past, and because of that making the same mistakes.

Is the Generational Gap so wide that our memory has been wiped clean? There is definitely nothing new under the sun, and we seem to be repeating the wrong choices over and over.

Anybody have a quarter? I will like to phone home and have someone pick me up…

Is Ok to Fail

It’s said that you need 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill.

In photography this is translated to the famous axiom: “Your first 10,000 pictures are your worst.

To me, that means that is ok to fail. 9,999 times to be exact!

It is though failure that we are able to identify greatness. It’s through falling that we can get up, dust off and continue on the journey.

If all we do is successful, we will never know the sweet taste of achievement. It will be a very boring existence.

It’s said that struggle is what makes us feel alive.

When we look back at our failures, we always fell happier. We got over them. We succeeded! “We are better than that”, we tell ourselves.

Of course is scary when we are failing, but we should never let fear run us.

This too, my friend, shall pass…

As photographers, when we look at our pictures from 10,000 images ago, we see how good we have gotten. How much we have advanced, as photographer, editors, human beings.

That is why I say, is always OK to fail. You will become a better person in the end.

“Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle.” —Wilma Rudolph

Are we not Motivated?

Paraphrasing Russell Crowe on my favorite movie (Gladiator):

“Are we Not Motivated?”

Some days i hard to be motivated. And when I talk about motivation, I am talking about been motivated to create.

We see our lives as an endless stream of rinse, repeat and feel forever doomed to the daily routine.

We see the same things, the same rooms, the same windows and we feel cloistered by our surroundings.

Where do you find the spark?

Is there anything we can do to change our landscape?

Hello Girl, It’s been a while…

They say one of the easiest way to get our brain in gear is to go for a walk. So literally, the way to get motivated is to change our surroundings.

You can also use one of these suggestions:

  • Read a novel, not a technical manual. An actual novel with characters and situations.

  • Watch a movie. Brownie points if it’s a foreign film. Change that perspective!

  • Go to a museum. Art museums are particularly good if you are a photographer. It helps to see something different than what we regularly do.

  • Listen to a creative podcast or an audiobook.

  • Take on one of the plastic arts: painting, sketching, sculpting, pottery, etc.

  • Meditate. This one in particular has helped me a lot.

We are not born creative. Creativity is taught, by others or in most cases self-taught. So in essence, we rely on the shoulders of others to become creative. We just need a stimulus, a virtual kick in the butt!

What do you do to get motivated?

iPhone XS Max. Camera+ using Macro Preset. Edited in Luminar 3 with Libraries and processed using the new version of DXO’s Nik Analog Effects 2. Taken at our local Home Depot Garden Center.