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18 Years Old

Kind of feels like the job is almost done...

You live your life, you get a family, you retire from work, live your last days in peace and then you die.

You try to leave a mark in the wolrd. Try to leave it better than you found it. What is it that they say when you visit a forest? Leave only footprints... 



18 years ago today, my wife and I welcomed our baby boy; Gabriel

Like the other two, this guy is very special to us. It is the person that has brought more ups and downs and feelings of anxiety and exhilaration that anybody else in our lives. Is the person that has fulfilled and ticked every box in our parent cards. 

With a 23 year old, a 21 year old and now an 18 year old, the journey almost seems complete. 

What challenges await our wife and me in our later years? Nobody knows... We have, I think, left our footprints in the annals of history.


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