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Everything Ends


Lately, I have had some health issues... I have been to see my doctors and every test they throw at me says I am in perfect physical condition, albeit a little on the heavy side.

Still, I am sleeping really, really bad. Three to five hours every night.

My physician says it is all stress.

I never thought of myself as a stressful person. I am always cracking jokes and playing around with my children and my wife. They always say I am a clown, goofing around and making their lives a little lighter.

I guess is true what the commercials say: "Where does depression hurt?"

I have a lot of work at work. I am also taking fewer pictures and I am worrying about every little thing... The stupid weather is not helping. I have a bad case of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I am cold all the time and I have not left the house for a long time. All things that I can change, but I can't find the stimulus to get out of the house. A sorta Double Bind situation...

Can I get better? I am sure I can. My mental disposition, my stubbornness, and my resolve will most likely sort out my state of mind, my stress, and my nascent depression.

This too, my friend, shall pass...

Stratford CT

I went out to continue testing the Fuji X100F. Went with my family to the seashore in Stratford CT, on a cloudy day. We went over to Marnick's Restaurant for brunch and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the empty beach.


The End?