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I do This for Me


All of the sudden we have become more gregarious that we have ever been...

Gregarious:  (of a person) fond of people, sociable.

People have become obsessed with Sociability and we now think that if we are not "Instagram-famous" or if we don't have many friends on Snap-chat, our lives are over.

Our cravings for acceptance have grown faster than the disappearance of Geocities!!

As photographers, we tend to post images on Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Facebook, Reddit, etc, etc.

We want people to tell us how great we are, how skilled we have become. 

Most of us suffer from G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) in our quest to edge over our fellow photographers, erroneously thinking that better equipment will make us better at the craft.

We need, nay crave accolades.

Why Do You Do It?

When I started taking pictures, I did it in my quest to fill my life with beautiful images. I wanted to be able to keep the things I was seeing with my eyes in a tangible way, by putting them on paper. I wanted to create "Tangible Memories".

No one prints pictures anymore...

I have printed lots of my pictures and I have framed them. Most of them are currently hanging in my office or in some of the walls in my house. I have also, given away some of my pictures to family and friends.

In other words, my photography has been totally dedicated to the enjoyment of myself and my family. I do photography for me...

I don't need accolades, I don't need people telling me how good I am, or how my photographs are "Nice!".

I still publish photos and art in places like Ello or Flickr, but not because I am looking for acceptance or a pat in the back; I do it to look at my work gathered in my own personal Art Gallery, preserving memories and in a way extending the walls of my office or my house in a "Virtual" way.

Stop trying to garner acceptance. Work on your art. Look at it once in a while and be proud of your accomplishments.

You don't need anybody telling you how great you are.


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