The inviting entrance to Area 52

Playing around with the new version of Skylum's Luminar 2018 and some foggy pictures...

The Inviting entrance to Areas 52

One of those mornings when I wake up at 4:30 AM with insomnia and decided there was nothing else to do but get out of bed up and go to the office to get some shit done.

Luckily, I happened to look at the weather report while I was brushing my teeth which called for some foggy weather.

I packed my computer and decide to take the Fuji X100F for a spin in low light/foggy weather.

As I was driving away from the house this was the scene at our local library's entrance.

I kind of reminded me of a story I read a long time ago where aliens invaded the earth and they were shaped like street lamps.

The new version of Luminar 2018 (Jupiter) is blazing fast! Every day I find new and interesting ways to use this program and every day I move a little bit farther away from Lightroom. Mind you, I still love me some LR, but the speed and versatility of Luminar are enough to convince any diehard LR alumni.

There are so many choices and possibilities with this application that creativity becomes fun once again, and I think that is what LR is lacking. 

Selling Tags - an American Tradition

Companies in the United States and around the world all have something called Records Retention Policy.

The Idea is that every seven years they go through the process of eliminating records that are not been used or that they don't need to retain. An oversimplification but all in all a great idea.

As humans, we tend to accumulate things at an always increasing rate.

The word  "hoarder" has entered our vocabulary and is now a psychological and treatable ailment.

In terms of possession, I always say: "If you have not used it in five years, either throw it away or give it to charity ". 

The Americans came up with a better solution...

They call it a Tag Sale or Yard Sale, depending on where you are. The concept is that you set up tables in your front lawn and place the items that you will like to get rid off on those tables with a ticket price or Tag. Usually in the range of 50 cents to $10 dollars.

Is one way of getting an extra income on something you were probably going to throw away.

This Saturday we had our first Tag sale in a really long time!

 Setting up the tables...

Setting up the tables...

Through a process of word of mouth, some strategically placed banners, and some social media savviness, people started coming by before we had time to set up all the tables.

 It was a multi-family affair

It was a multi-family affair

My wife and I live on a Condo and they don't allow tag sales due to the fact that our street is a Cul-de-sac; so we had our multi-family tag sale at my sister-in-law's house in Stratford.

 Customers roam free

Customers roam free

These sort of thing always attract all walks of people and sometimes you get really weird ones. In this case, we had a lady that decided to go into the house like it was hers. We had to politely ask her out for trespassing!.

 Breakfast Tacos!

Breakfast Tacos!

My brother-in-law prepared some delicious breakfast tacos as this was a family affair and some of the kids were hungry. We had some chorizo-bacon-eggs-hashbrown tacos that were absolutely delicious!! Thank you Mark!

 Thankfully we had a really nice day

Thankfully we had a really nice day

It turned out to be a really great day. Without this turning into a party, it was a great family gathering with a successful outcome. The weather had finally cooperated and we had clear skies all day. I even got a slight tan.

 This worked out to be a success!

This worked out to be a success!

After all was set and done, all we had left was ½ of the items we set out to sell and my wife tells me we are doing it again next weekend. I can't wait!

18 Years Old

Kind of feels like the job is almost done...

You live your life, you get a family, you retire from work, live your last days in peace and then you die.

You try to leave a mark in the wolrd. Try to leave it better than you found it. What is it that they say when you visit a forest? Leave only footprints... 



18 years ago today, my wife and I welcomed our baby boy; Gabriel

Like the other two, this guy is very special to us. It is the person that has brought more ups and downs and feelings of anxiety and exhilaration that anybody else in our lives. Is the person that has fulfilled and ticked every box in our parent cards. 

With a 23 year old, a 21 year old and now an 18 year old, the journey almost seems complete. 

What challenges await our wife and me in our later years? Nobody knows... We have, I think, left our footprints in the annals of history.